• About us

    We would like to welcome to the spiritual world of healing through Hypnotherapy and Reiki we have experienced a good success rate of healing for various problems. We would also like to create awareness among those who have very little knowledge about drug less therapy.

    A therapy where there is no fear of Operations, medicines, and Side effects, which is completely painless, and hassle free. It is also Cost effective and result oriented.

    Raghavendra Hebbani has specialized Skills for treating the following:
    • Body pain
    • Shifting of pains in the body
    • Frequent vomiting sensation
    • Undiagnosed illnesses
    • Tiredness
    • Frequent cold and cough
    • Breathing problems
    • Migraine and Dizziness
    • Frequent Muscle catch
    • Back pain/Leg pains
    • Poor concentration in studies
    • Bed wetting
    • Suicidal Tendency
    • Always intend to cry
    • Loneliness, laziness
    • Sleeplessness
    • Bad dreams,
    • Irregular periods
    • Fear of heights
    • Fear of water
    • Fear of travelling
    • Fear of flying
    • Angry mood
    • Bad habits
    • No mood to work
    • Always sick people at home
    • Low success rate
    • Frequent Financial problems etc.
    • Relationships problems
    • Phobias
    • Curse
    • Black magic
    • Removal of spirits/ghosts/dark entities (Physical body, Home ,office etc)
    What is all about Drug less Therapy:
    Hypnotherapy /Past life Regression /Spirit release/Reiki
    A Therapy where healing is done spiritually :
    1.Regression Therapy /Hypnotherapy - (Past Life and current life)

    We put the Client or Medium in the trans mode and screen his /her past life related problem which might have connected to his/her present life . Once we disconnect the past life problem all the problems related to Past life will clear.


    Example of Past life attachment : Phobia , fear of height, severe headache, body pain , respiratory problems, excessive sweating in the hands and palms, childhood abuse Etc (given only few examples)

    2. Regression Therapy /Hypnotherapy - ( Spirit/Ghost release)

    Spirits or Ghosts , are attached to those having weak Aura , there are various instances spirits are attached to the human body. Once Spirits are attached the problems will start to that body. when the person is put to regression and spirits are released all the spirit related problems will clear and the client will see drastic changes after the Therapy.

    Example of Spirit attack : Anger , Suicidal tendency, severe headache, body pain, lack of interest in any work, laziness, quarreling nature, Anxeity,Mood swings,multiple personality,sensing someone presence,sleeplessness , night terrors, hearing voices etc .,

    3. Regression Therapy /Hypnotherapy - ( Dark entity/negative energy)

    Negative thought form of various people live around us , people who doesn't like our success or growth are radiating negative energy knowingly or unknowingly. Once the negative energy enters the body the infected person will become sick.

    . Example:Lack of interest in any activity, fever, tiredness, less success rates , meeting with accidents, indigestion , vomiting, etc During the regression Therapy once we disconnect the chords connected to various peoples and removal of all dark entities from the body all these problems will stop.

    4.Regression Therapy /Hypnotherapy - ( Curses)

    Curses have effects on our life and follow a bloodline for generations. unless we disconnect and remove it completely. The effects of curse will continue forever. we have a specialization in disconnecting and removing the curse through regression therapy.

    Example:childlessness , head ache , lack of commonsense, un diagnosed diseases, etc.

    Mode of Treatment

    1.Distance Past life regression and Reiki Treatment

    We have a facility for non Bangaloreans and international clients who cannot visit my workshop /clinic :

    We facilitate with distance Reiki healing and Past life regression and spirit release therapy. The clients are required to send recent photograph to "my SKYPE ID raghavendra.hebbani " or "Whats App no. 09900580132" or email nnraghav2@gmail.com. we will access to your problems from our workshop through a medium and send you the list of problems which presently you are facing (you need not tell about your problems with us) once you find the list of problems diagnosed by us are similar that you are facing and on your acceptance we will start the treatment . .

    2. Treatment by appointment : you can take an appointment and visit my workshop at the below address :

    Contact Details : N.Raghavendra Hebbani No. 68, Bhavani nagar 4th stage Tirumalapura , Channanayakana Palya (Near Tumkur road Nice road toll) Near Ramanna Thota - Nagasandra PO Bangalore -560073 Mobile : 9900580132, 9845533630. Email : nnraghav2@gmail.com SkypeID :raghavendra.hebbani