Past life Regression Case Study

1.A 26year old female patient suffering from running nose , breathing problem , feeling someone presence , angry mood, Quarrelling nature with her husband , suicidal tendency, visited by clinic, .When scanned the Patient through hypno therapy I found some issues are coming from past life and some are from the Spirits . I disconnected the Past life flow and removed the spirits in 4 sittings the client is fully normal and fully enjoying the life with the family.

2.A female patient around 59 years suffering from Muscle catch and Nervous catch in the thigh and leg area very frequently the pain is so severe she could not get sleep in the night , also feeling tiredness without doing much work and lack of interest in any work which upset the entire family.When scanned the Patient I found some issues are coming from past life where people have cursed her and present life curses also added fuel to it . after removal of the curses and multiple spirit over a period of 4 sittings the client is normal and all the associated problems are disappeared.

3.A unmarried person aged about 50 years walked-in for a treatment seeing the advertisement outside my workshop he was suffering from multiple problem since 18 years he claims he can see 2 spirits in front of him and has always a feeling that those 2 spirits are with him for many years. He wanted to just get rid of them at the earliest.

On thorough scanning of the patient found a spirit of a snake which he accepted he has killed some time ago and also has a women spirit which has abstained him from marrying

After removal of 2 spirits in 2 sittings the client is feeling normal and better. .

4. A young girl of 22 years age is suffering from Asthma (breathing problem) and also pain in the tooth Gum came to me for Reiki treatment.

After listening to her problem I suggested for Hypnotherapy instead of Reiki treatment when I put her in the trans understood these problems are related to past life. When I disconnected her past life connections she felt very comfortable and her asthma and Gum Problem is completely Disappeared

Reiki Treatment and Case Study
Case Study.1

1. One day a lady visited my clinic she explained that she had a suicide attempt 3 years back by cutting her veins . however the wound is healed but the internal pain is severe she cannot bend her wrist .

After Reiki treatment (Usuai and Angels) for 2 days the pain is completely gone.

Case Study.2

2.A person by name Vishnu had a severe head ache consulted me by phone and sent his photograph through whats App . as he explained he tried various tablets/pills to get rid of migraine headache unfortunately the pain become more and more severe.
After Reiki treatment for 5 minutes (Rajakriya and Angels) the head ache has completely gone instantly . Vishnu is very happy with this method of treatment.

Case Study.3

3.A Lady by name Mahita has a leg Sprain the pain is intolerable she Consulted me by phone and sent her photograph thru, Whatsapp,
After Reiki treatment (Rajakriya,Angels and Usuai Reiki) the Pain is reduced drastically about 40-50% and the 2nd round of Reiki treatment happened in the evening she confirmed 80% of sprain is gone.