About N. Raghavendra Hebbani

Raghavendra Hebbani is a commerce graduate with a Spiritual family Background, he has participated in many workshops , training and conferences related to Reiki and past life regression , he has learnt Various methods of drugless therapy (Usui reiki, Angels and deva therapy, Karuna Reiki and Rajakriya reiki). Raghavendra Hebbani came from a Traditional Madhwa Brahmin family and he is a disciple of Sripada raja Mutt Mulabhagal. and a devotee of sri Lord Mukya prana.Raghavendra Hebbani has healed many patients since 5 years through Hypnotherapy / Sammohana Chikietse and Reiki.

Objective: The main objective of drugless therapy is to help humanity where people are suffering from various problems which have not come under the scanner of medical technology and also to help poor people with the treatment at an affordable price.

Past life real

Hindu I believe in Past life according to Vedas/Puranas a soul reincarnates again&again


Past Life

When dealing with issues that have no "rational" cause, regression therapy really helps


Spirit release

Our body is the reflection of our conscious and subconscious mind as a result


" Just as a man discards worn out clothes and puts on new clothes, the soul discards worn out bodies and wears new ones."

How to Approach a Past Life Regression

I Strongly recommend to my clients first consult a Medical doctor for all Kinds of mental and body problems and also take a second opinion from other medical doctors if that doesn't work then you need to approach a Hypnotherapist.

First of all people should have full faith in the regression therapy and the Therapist, it is also important to have a specific intention like Specific questions about the problems they are facing in day today life.